Politecnico di Milano 12-14 September 2016 Lecco, Italy

Eric Moreno and Odd E. Gjørv

Eric and Odd died during the preparation of the conference, leaving a void in all who had the good fortune to know them. This section of the website wants to remember their special contribution to our Scientific Community.

Odd E. Gjørv


Odd E. Gjørv was Professor Emeritus and former head of the Department of Building Materials at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway. Dr. Gjørv has been a member of the Norwegian Academy of Technical Sciences since 1979 and has been engaged in a large number of international professional societies and activities for construction materials. He has published more than 400 scientific papers and three books as well as edited and contributed to a number of other professional books in the field of concrete technology.  From 1971 to 1995, he was more or less continuously involved in the development and construction of all the offshore concrete platforms for oil and gas explorations in the North Sea. His research mainly includes advanced concrete materials and concrete construction as well as durability and service life of major concrete infrastructure.

Since Dr. Gjørv joined the faculty of Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 1971, he introduced extensive teaching programs in concrete technology and materials science both at an undergraduate and graduate level. The teaching also included the supervision of a large number of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students majoring in concrete technology. As a Visiting Professor, he has been teaching at University of California at Berkeley in the USA and given a number of invited lectures at many universities in many countries.


Dr. Gjørv has carried out research in concrete technology since 1959, with major interests in advanced concrete materials and concrete construction as well as durability and service life of important concrete infrastructure in severe environments.  During the period 2010-15, Dr. Gjørv was engaged as an international collaborator on an extensive research program at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where the objective was to develop the technical basis for future space creation and development of the city based on a large number of offshore concrete structures. Published work includes topics such as:  

  • Concrete durability and probability-based durability design
  • Performance-based concrete quality control and quality assurance of concrete construction work 
  • Condition surveying, repairs and rehabilitation of concrete structures 
  • Life-cycle assessment and management of concrete structures 
  • Electrochemical corrosion and corrosion control of concrete structures
  • Chloride transport in concrete 
  • Rheology of fresh concrete 
  • Curing technology 
  • Utilization of silica fume in concrete 
  • High-performance NWA concrete 
  • High-performance LWA concrete 
  • Ultra-high durable concrete

Eric Iván Moreno


Eric received his Civil Engineering Ph.D. and M.S. from University of South Florida and his Licentiate from Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY – Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan). After his Doctorate he joined the faculty of UADY where he achieved the rank of full professor and had recently been appointed chief of the Graduate program at the college of engineering. Eric has been a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences since 2007 and has been engaged in a number of international professional societies like ACI, NACE and ASTM, as well as in activities for construction materials.

Through his career Eric made sustained contributions to key infrastructure durability issues, especially understanding and controlling the corrosion of steel in concrete subject to carbonation and severe chloride exposure in marine environments. His work appeared in many venues including NACE’s annual conferences, Materials Performance, Corrosion Journal, Construction and Building Materials and CONSEC conferences. Eric co-authored 115 publications (journals and conference papers). Eric was a dedicated educator, pioneering corrosion and concrete durability research at UADY where he directed numerous graduate theses, and regularly taught corrosion, concrete technology and concrete durability courses.


He was a key actor in the effort of improving corrosion related durability in Latin America, through active participation in the Latin American Association for Quality Control , Pathology and Rehabilitation of Construction (ALCONPAT), organizing international meetings, technology transfer courses and publications, and professional cooperative activities. Eric was a keen investigator ready to help colleagues willing to conduct interdisciplinary work, always with a friendly and positive disposition. . Published work includes topics such as:

  • Carbonation-Induced Corrosion of Steel embedded in Blended-Cement Concrete
  • Electrochemical Techniques for Corroding Steel in Concrete
  • Influence of Marine Micro Climates on Carbonation of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
  • Concrete Resistivity
  • Effect of the marine environment on reinforced concrete durability
  • Chloride transport in concrete
  • Use of Recycled aggregates in Concrete
  • Pathology, repairs and rehabilitation of concrete structures
  • Performance of pozzolanic concrete under tropical marine environment made with porous limestone aggregate